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Stephen Chinnock

18 November 2020

There are struggles
from the day you’re born
trying to grow up
often under difficult circumstances

Battles there will be
with yourself
certainly others
because they all not all nice

One day you’ll learn to say “ Fuck off”
this who I am
intending to stay that way
for the rest of my life

Grow your life
on an unique template
imprinting YOU on the page
you’ll be applauded for that

When you grow old
as I seem to have become
ask a few questions of yourself
but don’t carry too much guilt

If you have loved enough others
don’t know how much is needed
you’ll find love and support
in your final stage

If you have the blessings
of an extended family
they’ll love and support
keeping you out of old age care

The little ones
will always bring love
amusement galore
while they struggle
with their stage in life!

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