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After the fire

Stephen Chinnock

23 February 2020

After the fire
On that terrible day
Of New Year’s Eve
How do we move on?
I sat for days
Listening to the radio
The scale of the devastation
Was immense
Seemed the whole world
Would end
My own particular loss
Was put into perspective
I actually felt lucky
Compared to many others
I took to the pen
Or should I say finger
And I wrote and wrote
Trying to control the demons
Of despair and fear
And it helped
To get a good nights sleep
Now we have a group
In our community
So badly hit by this disaster
Who are writing too
Sharing their terror and fear
But also their hope
Seeing some colour return
To that awful black landscape
A dear friend of mine
Has created a web page
In its early stages
Where we could gather together
All of our verses
And comments and prose
Photos can be added
We’ll have control
And can add notes
Creating an anthology
Of our works
We can choose a name
My suggestion would be
“Lake Conjola Recovery Writers”
So this would be publishing on line
Later on wouldn’t it be nice
To make a book ?
Let me know your thoughts
I’d love to include others
Who have written prose
And made wonderful comments
We can continue to post
On our current fb page
And then transfer
This will be a long term project
Just like our recovery
Please let me know your thoughts
And continue to write!

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