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Abandon the Tribe?

Stephen Chinnock

19 March 2020

Should I abandon the tribe
Of humanity
Overriding the planet
Simply with numbers
Destroying natural resources
At a pace
That takes your breathe away
It's tempting to say
Well you had it coming
With your greed
And lack of compassion
Let alone any sense of planning
To preserve many different
Ways of life

There has been a reduction
Down to the lowest common denominator
Taking away the diversity
That makes the planet work
In a real and viable way
What fools we've been
Failing to find
A system that respects
Collective action
For collective good

Now as the planet fights back
The gods of antiquity
Are all are fuming and angry
Making us pay for our stupidity
Plague and pestilence
On us now
Suffering on a global scale

And yet as I watch all that unfolding
I've also seen amazing examples
Of people who want to serve humanity
Hard to make sense of the dichotomy
Of those good hearts balanced against
The greedy bastards who only
Want to profit from others distress

I walk the tightrope
Of hope and despair
Not wanting to fall
On one side or the other
I do believe however
That one little virus
Will test our mettle!

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