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A splash of joy in the cesspool of life

Stephen Chinnock

18 April 2020

Oh she’s so right
My friend Melissa
We need highlights
In the shadows
Of this dark time

A kindly word from a friend
A video chat that
You’ll not forget
A dish cooked for kind neighbours
A walk on the beach

You can paint highlights
On this drab canvas
Seizing on moments
That give great pleasure
Using bright colours

It’s not over yet
This time of isolation
So we sit
Like a shag on a rock
Drying the wings
Of our personal story

A rock is the perfect place
When you’ve travelled
A rocky road

And now there’s
But one , isolated
In the constant flow

Sitting still , perched
Like that bird
Watch for the reflection
Of the sun in your eyes
Mirroring the brilliant moments
Of your own story

Highlights there’ll be
Giving you
That flash of joy
In the cesspool of life

Melissa’s turn of phrase
Is such a moment
For me

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