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A New Year

Phillipa Hollenkamp

2 December 2020

The landscape blackened
Darkens my soul
Dampens the spirit
Shadows take hold

Twisted bare limbs
Clawing the sky
Tortured are thoughts
Were never a lie

The moment recalled
As stood in that place
Fear on hold
Must run, keeping pace

Enveloping, racing
It's puff was a roar
Consuming , taking
Enough was now more

Won't be long
I plead that's for sure
I need to rest
I can go no more

Holding that tear
Pricking my eye
Keep working, working
Be brave or you die

Vision is gone
Body weary and weak
Rest in the car
Solace, so bleak

We must go on
Check the others
View the carnage
Help our brothers

The remains still evident
The scars, wounds deep
The work endless
The toll, so steep

I fear we are lost
The world's gone mad
Things, more urgent
My all, I am sad.

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