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Stephen Chinnock

5 March 2020

I experienced first hand today
The fragility of the mind
After a trauma
The one we’ve all been through
I settled into another house
With reassurance
That insurance would pay the rent
Only that it didn’t for a month
Three calls to that company
That was so good
But lost the plot
Of their promises
Who can stand those extended times
Of waiting to be transferred
To another line
While the mind destroying music
Rattles your mind
Blood pressure rises
And you want to scream
Throw the phone across the room
Waiting for an answer to a simple question
What’s gone wrong?
The point of the story
Is that we are already balanced
Delicately on a fine line
Between sanity and madness
The issue is resolved I believe
But my nerves are shattered
Thinking that maybe
I don’t belong in this place
Doubting the support offered
In days gone by I’ve have handled
The issue with directness
but now I find
Any obstruction to moving forward
Sends me into a spin!

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