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Stephen Chinnock

6 December 2020

Oh Caroline
How heart felt and brilliant
You are to manage your grief
So effectively

My tears run down my face
For so much longer
Without forewarning
I’m not ashamed to admit

Tears of relief and love
Not always about loss
Trying to count the blessings
In this new life of mine

It has been so hard to let go
Of the stuff you’ve spoken of
I’m so with you on that one
Especially inherited stuff from generations

I’ve been trying to fill that hole in the heart
By growing new things
Home schooling grandkids
Planting a broad food garden

Some of the pain will never leave
But we can over layer that
With nourishment
By being in today

Try Mollymook beach on a Sunday morning
Such wonderful iconic Aussie fun
Kids of all ages gaining water skills
Crazy but organised chaos!

Let’s let go of 2020
Moving on to a brighter day!

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