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Joshua Chinnock
How are you man?

10 April 2020

All fucked up today!
Tomorrow will be better I’m sure
A bit like the weather about to hit us
The last of the light
Darkness now
Too long isolated
I have someone close
Escape needs to happen bro
Government warnings
Weigh heavily on my heart
Do the right thing
Stay home at Easter
Socialization with phone calls
Live streaming
Try not to drink
Poem and think
Bushfires not a distant memory
Nostradamus here to smash
Where is that monk?
God I'm just surviving
Slept all day again
Feel shocking
Energy level
It will come back perhaps
Take care of oneself
Live to tell a tale
2020 wow how the hell
Everything has changed
Need to put pen down
Music back on
Remember happiness
There is time again

Lessons learnt

2 April 2020

Don't drink and poem
No swear word and
Let's try not to rhyme
Poems from a cannon
Just unstoppable
Was hoping to see this
From a top the mountain of
Conquered feels
Feeling better now
Cease and desist
Some nightmares persist
They are just dreams
Everyone seems better
Myself included
Healing is this
Freestyle wording
The words are all out
Then just chillax
Longer sentences I need
Can't get the words to write
My wife can't get her love out
Squeezes me, laughs with delight
From the heart
She is love
Needs sausage dogs
Another warm body to cuddle
Winter time comes upon us
I know who I'll spoon
Inappropriate comments
Should clean up my act
Tomorrow is another day
Just wish it wasn't like the last
How much longer
Do I need to wear this P2 mask?
Oh here we go again
Rhyming like a child
Sorry can't help it
I never signed up to write like this
It's just me Stephen
Trying to find peace
I'm messed up
Drunk as sin
Let's delete
Start over
I've done it again

My Easter Plans are Stuffed

23 March 2020

My Easter plans are stuffed
Wow, working from home is enough
How do we deal with this?
Phone calls like crazy
Connections are good
Stay in touch
Talk about food
I miss being lazy
How did we get here?
Controversial conversation
How do we deal with this?
Not normal devastation
Don't mention the word again
Coronavirus infestation
Bush-fires were bad
The Apocalypse I said like crazy
People still recovering
Mental health oops-a-daisy
I guess we write
How else to get the f*ck over?
These troubling times
Make a joke? Write a poem? Don't f*cking suffer
Write down thoughts
Maybe rhyme? No f*ck that!
Look out for each other!

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