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We are the Recovery Poets

Australian Recovery Poems

South Coast, NSW, Australia


When the bushfires came, taking our homes away, the spirit of the Phoenix demanded an expression, a release of the pain and despair.


So we started writing daily, putting out our feelings raw and open.

It will have to continue now in the era of isolation. It may be our best option for communication.

So here are the writings about the incredible events that we are living through.

We welcome your poems.

Stephen Chinnock
8th April 2021
What echoes reverberate
In my mind at times
Revisiting the verse of my Conjola soul mates
Wanting to borrow so many
Well turned and polished phrases
Too many gems to choose from

Such precise images painted
Unable to be printed with the click of a button
Translated on canvas by our painters
Forged in steel by our sculptors
Potted exquisitely in clay
Shown to the whole world in film

Some calm has settled long awaited
The bush regenerating
Along with our hearts so burnt
Creativity never relinquished
The Phoenix carrying us
On her splendid wings

May the Gods of all time
Drift down a smile
On those who hold up that mirror
Of broken bits
Being put back together
While our community heals!
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